A beautiful lawn that we maintain

Lawn Maintenance

Your landscape is an investment that creates visual appeal and adds value to your home. Stars and Stripes Landscaping and Curbing has the staff, the proper equipment, and the knowledge to care for your landscape making sure that it maintains its value for years to come.

Maintenance includes: Mowing, Edging, Clean-ups and more.

A landscape that we designed

Landscaping Design and Install

Whether you own a residential or commercial property, a good impression is so important to anyone who may be visiting your home or business – and that all starts with the outside. Creating a landscaping design that reflects your personality, style, and desires is an art. The professional landscape designers at Stars and Stripes Landscaping and Curbing understand this and will work to create a space that is truly customized to fit you and your property.

Palm tree installation

Palm Tree Installation & Trimming

Palm trees are a great addition to any lawn or garden. They’re easy to grow and require very little water, but they have to be planted carefully. In addition to knowing how to property handle palms, Stars and Stripes Landscaping and Curbing will also determine what kind of palm tree, as well as what soil your palm tree will need and will adjust its watering schedule accordingly.

When you have palm trees on your property, they can quickly become unsightly if they aren’t cared for properly. Our professional palm care service helps the palm trees stay aesthetically pleasing. We have seasoned veteran palm-pruners who manage the care that’s required to maintain your palm trees. We customize our services to the individual tree.

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